Lining and insulation

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Ply Lining and Insulation
Suitable for T4 and T5's

Vw Transporter Craft can insulate and ply line your Vw T4 or T5 van.

To produce consistently high quality van ply linings we use exterior grade hardwood plywood of the highest quality. The material we use is both water and heat resistant and suitable for almost any trade purpose as well as camper van conversions.

Protective side wall and door panels are fabricated from 6 mm plywood which although extremely durable and hard wearing is also flexible enough to follow interior contours allowing a perfect finish. Protective floor panels and wheel arch covers are fabricated from heavy duty 9 mm plywood. Any wiring for lights and any future projects can be installed at this time as well.

We can also insulate your van to help keep the warmth in and the noise and cold out. In the summer this also helps to keep your van cool.


Ply Lining - Sides and Rear Doors

Ply Floor

Full Insulation Package

Special Offer - Ply lining and Carpet Throughout from

Special Offer - Full Lining Service from

T4 + T5 SWB






T4 + T5 LWB






Carpet Lining
Suitable for T4, T5, T6

Vw Transporter Craft can carpet line the interior of your Vw T4 or T5 van.

This can add a touch of comfort and luxury to your van or camper.

We use quality four way stretch velour carpet available in the colours below. To fix the carpet we only use the best quality hi temp automotive upholstery adhesive that offers long lasting adhesion.


Full Carpet Lining

T4, T5, T6 SWB


T4, T5, T6 LWB


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